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Jitka Jelínková


Races in Budišov …

5.8.2017 we participated in well-prepared hearding race in Budišov nad Budišovkou. The last time I was with Kennik about three years ago :). Still, my great enemy is nervousness, the feeling when you send the dog to the outrun, you want to whistle, and you do not even have a tone out of your mouth…   Continue

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Exhibition in Austria

At the end of May we went to an exhibition in Austrian Radstadt. Beautiful environment, pleasant people, sunny weather. Our dogs have performed greatly. There are a lot of athletic and muscular attitude in Austria. It was an amazing experience with the opportunity to get to know a lot of people we know only through…   Continue

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Club show Bohdaneč …

6.5.2017 we attended a club show in Bohdaneč. Our three puppies from the P litter were also gathered. Two female Porky and Patty, who clashed against each other in the class of youngsters and their brother Persi in the intermediate class. The victory came from the girls after a big fight and the heavy decision…   Continue

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Morti’s victory in France …

8.4.2017 we went to the far Blomard in France, where he held dachsbracke competition. Represent our kennel went two dogs. The three-year, experienced Morti and young sixteen months Pedro, son of our Nina. Despite the very difficult terrain conditions (recent calamity) with our dogs very well. After draining off the leash and fired quickly they found their mark…   Continue

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Puppies are born :)

I am proud to report that we have puppies yesterday, 7.4.2017 from Nina x As. On the world started to hatch at 13:30 and 19:15 last was born. 4 female and 4 male. The birth took place without any problems and it was a pleasure to watch how Nina manages everything. Now they are gaining…   Continue

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Racing season started !!!

On Sunday, March 19, 2017, we started competitive season in Libhošť. We got off on the right foot :). My nerves are cut. Cookie ran his first IHT 1. Sheep were quite rushed and one from the herd was divided (as if anyone knew his weaknesses :)). Even so, we managed to finish the race…   Continue

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