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Morti’s victory in France …

8.4.2017 we went to the far Blomard in France, where he held dachsbracke competition. Represent our kennel went two dogs. The three-year, experienced Morti and young sixteen months Pedro, son of our Nina. Despite the very difficult terrain conditions (recent calamity) with our dogs very well. After draining off the leash and fired quickly they found their mark each. Boars just flew :). Morti has done such a great job that earned full points 150/150 and  Pedro great 135/150 points. And how it all turned out? Referee Morti so excited that he gave CACT with grade EXCELLENT!  Pedro was the third best dog from the 24 participating. Pleasant and friendly atmosphere accompanied us throughout the weekend. Great thanks to our friends Inna and Francois Perron, who we invited to this event.

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