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Racing season started !!!

On Sunday, March 19, 2017, we started competitive season in Libhošť. We got off on the right foot :). My nerves are cut.

Cookie ran his first IHT 1. Sheep were quite rushed and one from the herd was divided (as if anyone knew his weaknesses :)). Even so, we managed to finish the race with beautiful 90b / 100b and thanks to them we have placed on the 2nd place. We missed most points during drive away when Cookie pushed and fired off one sheep from the flock and ran into the enclosure from which the group took.

Our other irons in the fire was Kipi. He premiered with such a large audience at the rehearsal HWT. Despite my great nervousness, we have successfully completed the exam with 80b / 100b. Sheep have been around for a whole day already pretty good. Large rainfall we had in picking up where Kipi picking up slightly on the side of the sheep and she therefore did not break the line. After crushing sharply turned to the other side and ran down the hill, pull it to the rest of the sheep, and I reacted badly and Kipke plunged down early, we missed half the sheep fetchovou goal. Followed drive away, where we also pulled down a little when I’m behind Kipke easily supported. But otherwise little girl mastered perfectly.

Our performance makes me really happy and I’m very happy.

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